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Fitgenes has pioneered a personalised healthcare system centred on an individual’s unique genetic profile.   Our approach offers personalised nutrition, lifestyle and exercise interventions to address key health issues, through our network of trained practitioners. 

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It's Your Health

Personalised Healthcare

Fitgenes personalised health programs integrate knowledge of an individual’s genetics with nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs.

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Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners

Our Practitioner Network

Fitgenes personalised health programs are available through our practitioner network located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA.

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Fitgenes Profiles & Programs

Health Programs

CarbChoice profiles provide genetic information on how your body metabolises and tolerates starch in carbohydrates.

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Online Learning

Fitgenes Online Learning

Focused opportunities for all suitably qualified healthcare practitioners to learn more about personalised healthcare programs and offer patients solutions that matter to them.

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Accreditation Workshops

Accreditation Workshops

Fitgenes accreditation workshops are for suitably qualified practitioners looking to learn more about genetic profiling for health and wellbeing.

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